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Getting Comcast off our payroll

July 12th, 2015 at 02:10 pm

Our largest expense at this point for time - after rent and groceries and gas - is cable !!! I have been trying to get rid of cable for YEARS now and unable to do so because the husband claims that he cannot get his "sports fix or NatGeo or History TV" fix, otherwise.

I am just frustrated with new fees and new costs added to our bill almost every month. Only in April, we were paying $99 in fees. Now it is up to $135 !!! Seriously, and pardon my French, but WTF ???

I hardly ever watch TV, and, when I do, it is only old international movies that I watch on YouTube or Roku. I did find some channels on Roku (especially Sling) that seemed to offer sports only to have him shoot it down with some vague excuses. I don't get sports very well, and could do with advise from others (especially sports aficionados) on what the issue is with Sling (if any) ?

I don't see why I should pay Comcast $135 a month - I really don't. But if he won't cooperate, I am completely and utterly and totally out of luck.

Help ?! What alternatives exist to Sports and Natgeo and History TV via Comcast ?